As the world’s changing right in front of our eyes, preserving culture and everything good about it ended up becoming one of the most important driving forces for us at Cyber Tapri. Cyber Tapri is all about celebrating our roots as Indians and bringing the essence of India to everyone’s home by delivering the authentic desi be it our out of this world chai premixes, edible regional snacks or sustainable and practical goodies like our innovative hydroponic planter, bamboo, and terracotta clay products.

Not just that, when we say celebrating our roots but we mean celebrating with our great Indian artisans, potters and artists by providing them a platform to sell, auction, and market their products or their masterpieces to be precise without any middleman income margin cuts.

Our motive is to take tapri and it's diversities online. We want to deliver anything which brings back some kind of nostalgia/memory which takes you to a happy place, pauses your monotony/chaos for a while and brings out your inner/original self to you.