Miss Terracotta


What is Terracotta

This art in India is another style of clay art of the country typically brownish-orange in color. Terracotta jewelry is also a very important element of terracotta art in India. The beautiful terracotta works are ideally used for decoration. People in the states of Bihar, Bengal and Gujarat prepare clay figures to propitiate their Gods and Goddesses, throughout festivals. Gorakhpur in the province is that the home to exquisite clay figures of animals. Clay potters of West Bengal, in Kolkata and its suburbs, are famous for creating clay and terracotta idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses like Hindu deity (the Elephant God), Durga, dancing Nataraj, Shiva and Buddha. In the present age, this jewelry has gained a lot of prominence even among the urban population of the country.

It can be said that India has been the house land of terracotta and nowadays because of the flexibility of the art it has cut across every kind of barrier it's become a part of almost of each Indian household in various forms.

In Italian, “terracotta” means “baked earth”. Anything which you are attaining directly from the earth in its purest and natural form will be considered as eco-friendly. It is due to this earthy and natural quality of terracotta that it is gaining prominence amongst people as the most useful eco-friendly material, which can be used for different purposes. terracotta is made out of clay, but the manufacturing process of terracotta is very simple, sustainable and eco-friendly, as it does not include any harmful chemicals or elements. 


Why is terracotta such an eco-friendly material?

One of the interesting facts about using eco-friendly products like terracotta is that they help in preserving the food’s nutritional value, which further helps in strengthening our immune system. So you will be preserving the environment, along with making your immune system strong. This is an ancient blessing around which “Cybertapri” has built its products, bringing back the culture that is eco-friendly and great for the human body.

From ages, in India, terracotta is known to be extremely sustainable and beneficial for the human body. Terracotta is made with high temperature, therefore, the products made out of it have a high level of resistance to heat, making it a perfect material for cooking. In addition to this, terracotta’s easy resistance to heat and climate, along with its longevity, strength, and easy process of manufacturing, makes it a highly eco-sustainable material. It is due to this reason that terracotta is one of the most sought-after materials of the future. 

The different reasons which assure that terracotta is eco-friendly are:

  • It is 100% natural

  • The process of manufacturing terracotta is simple and natural, as it does not involve any harmful chemicals

  • Terracotta can be recycled

Every Indian household has grown up with this piece of earth called terracotta. May it be terracotta ghadas or roof tiles, our baked earth has sheltered us with goodness. It’s porous, it breathes and keeps anything that it stores fresh, hence the Cybertapri team has reimagined them to fit into our everyday lives. Dive into our terracotta product range as we are trying to bring forth the revival of terracotta!