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Cyber Tapri Teracotta Handicrafts

Bamboo Revival

Look Around. Pause.

The world of consumerism has forgotten what being eco-friendly feels like.

We are the change we need to bring about. One small step towards conscious buying and utilization and
the rest will follow, we promise.

Bamboo products easily find their way back into the earth after their shelf life. They surprise us with the
fact that Bamboo will never be a breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, mould or fungus. The reason why
bamboo thrives in nature is because it’s almost impossible for natural plant destroyers such as insects
and other microorganisms to cause damage to them. These elements are immediately eradicated once
they come in touch with its surface.

Why Choose Me?

Plastic products ranging from food containers to toothbrushes can harbour potentially harmful bacteria
even after undergoing industry-standard sanitizing. Our range of daily use bamboo products are here to
help you adapt a healthier germ-free lifestyle. Stay healthy inside out.

Cyber Tapri Teracotta Handicrafts

Terracotta Revival

In an ideal world, we could have something that is energy-efficient, environment-friendly, broken down
and remade, inexpensive, and long-lasting. And through the lens of Cybertapri, we have Terracotta.

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