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Welcome to Cyber Tapri – 

Unveiling the Essence of Ethical and Sustainable Shopping:

At Cyber Tapri, we believe that shopping can be more than just a transaction. It can be an opportunity to impact the world around us positively. Our online store is dedicated to bringing you a curated collection of ethically sourced and sustainable products made in India, by Indians, and for India.

Image by Kirti Kalla
Cyber Tapri craftmanship

Our Journey:

Cyber Tapri began with a vision to showcase India's incredible craftsmanship and cultural heritage while promoting sustainable practices. We embarked on a journey to connect with skilled artisans from diverse corners of our nation, seeking out those who share our passion for preserving traditional techniques and creating products that align with our values.

Ethical Sourcing:

We are committed to ensuring that every product you find on Cyber Tapri meets the highest ethical standards. We work closely with artisans and small-scale producers who follow fair trade practices, providing a platform to showcase their talents and earn a sustainable livelihood. We aim to empower communities and preserve cultural traditions by prioritising ethical sourcing.

Cyber Tapri  Chai Swadesshi
Hand made


Sustainability lies at the core of our business philosophy. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint by selecting products made from eco-friendly materials, using natural dyes, and promoting practices that reduce waste. We believe that small actions, when multiplied, can have a significant impact on our planet. By choosing sustainable products from Cyber Tapri, you become a part of this collective effort towards a greener future.

Made for India:

We take pride in our commitment to showcasing the rich cultural heritage of India. Each product you discover at Cyber Tapri tells a story of skilled artisans pouring their hearts and souls into their creations, inspired by the diverse traditions and art forms across our nation. We aim to provide you with an authentic experience that celebrates the craftsmanship and beauty of India.

Cyber Tapri  Made IN India
Cyber Tapri Local for Vocal Phone Booth

Join Our Movement:

When you shop with Cyber Tapri, you become part of a more significant movement towards conscious consumerism and supporting local artisans. By choosing our products, you bring home something beautiful and unique and contribute to sustainable livelihoods, cultural preservation, and environmental well-being.

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