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Journey of Chai

Tea (English:|tʃʌɪ| Hindi: चाय Romanised: Chai).
We, CyberTapri, are a bunch of chai lovers who
explore and experience tastes from around the
world. We would love for you to do the same.

So hop on for a cool ride through these amazing
thoughts on chai with CyberTapri. Keep watching this space for more surprises.


Our Story


Birth of an idea

Spending 10 bucks for a cup of tea was nothing
when you have friends around during college. That aromatic sip of tea brought golden thoughts
 & that's how the journey of Cyber Tapri started within the group of friends. The question was why not serve affordable & quality tea?



Exploring Tea

One among us explored tea from different parts of India every tea corners possible. Then realized the unique taste differs from place to place. The question arose again why not serve affordable & quality tea bringing the tastes from every corner?


Breakup for a Cause

College over, all friends scattered, long distance 
friendship but stuck with the same idea of
serving an awesome tea at a best price. 
This was a hibernation period for all of us.



Make up for a cause

Reunion of friends and once again we brainstorm on the same idea of serving the affordable priced tea in the town. This time something clicked & we initiated of building a website. Hibernation worked. 


Birth of CyberTapri

Focusing to all the techies who loves drinking
tea  we came up with this name Cyber Tapri. 
Started serving  with our blog articles on tea.
“The one of the best chai tips, tricks &
place you have ever had in your life”

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Initiating a Product

Due to this COVID-19 pandemic situation we might delay this initiative. Wait until we surprise you with something awesome. Till then serve from home & be safe.

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